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Jan Shackelford

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 Puppy Nursery

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Each puppy is 9 in size.

Each is a  handmade, handsigned

one of a kind by Jan Shackelford.

Jan names the puppy and adopts

it out to a loving home.

They can wear most of the

8 Teenie Preemie clothing,

making it fun to dress them

and collect clothing for your puppy.

Jan can design 68 different

breeds of puppies.

For a special order contact Jan at janshackelford@charter.net 

Puppy prices will vary depending on

the detail of the breed ordered.


Chihuahua named TINY Black and Tan
dachhund Puppy $100.00 (Oscar adopted)
Yorkie Baby dressed in yellow $100.00
There is something Puppies like about a Sharp Dressed Dog
Chihuahua with ,monkey (Special Order) $300.00
Boston Terrier $65.00
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel $65.00
Going Shopping With Mom $150.00 +
Shar-Pei puppy
Chihuahuha BOOTSIE tan and white
Weimaraner Macgyver
This is Domino a Boston Terrier Puppy
Dimples a Bulldog puppy
Franz a little Pug Puppy